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Do me a favor and donít let this get around. But when I was young (18 young to be precise), I used to drink Busch. In fact, I used to buy the stuff by the caseload. So, when Epinions own musical maven and bon vivant of brew Saxguy came up with the wonderful idea of a Youthful Exu-brew-ance Ė Revisit the brews of your youth write-off, Busch was the first beer that came to mind.

My early beer drinking career was quite interesting, indeed. Six months after I turned eighteen, Rhode Island raised the drinking age to 19. Which meant I was smart enough to know how to handle the stuff from 18 to 18 Ĺ, when I suddenly wasnít. This pattern continued year by year until I reached 21.

Busch, unfortunately, didnít make it to 19 with me. By the time I was temporarily legal again, I had moved on to beers like Beckís and St. Pauli Girl . Even in those days, I was always scoping out something different.

Of course, Busch is bargain priced, one of the reasons it is popular. You canít argue with $1.19 for a 22 or $4.99 for a six-pack of 16-ounce cans. Well, you canít argue if youíre not really concerned about flavor that is. Thatís becauseÖ

Busch pours to a pale yellow golden color with a thick foamy head formation and a rather unpleasant nose that smells more of corn than barley malt. The palate is watery with just a tinge of malt flavor, which has to compete with the distraction of vegetal corn flavor.

And in the finish? I still get more adjunct than malt, and no real hops to speak of. The finish isnít really sweet or bitter. Rather, itís balanced enough to make it very drinkable. Like water. Other than that, there isnít much to really speak of here.

Even among boring, mainstream macros like Budweiser and Miller , this really isnít a very good beer. Life is just too short to drink cheap beer, and honestly, you deserve better. In fact, Busch is now nothing more than an Anheuser-Busch bargain brand.

That said, I still remember coming home with ice-cold cases of Busch in my youth. But we all know that with age comes wisdom, and today Iíd rather have a single bottle of Thomas Hardyís than a case of Busch any time.


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